Mike Ferguson Recreation
5505 Skyway
Paradise, CA 95969
Phone: 855.287.5100

About Mike Ferguson Recreation

My parents, Fergy and Faye, were both from the Waco area of Texas. They met in 1940 and two weeks later were married. I came into the picture in 1946. I guess I was a handful because they never had anymore children. Dad had several businesses over the years. His first endeavor was ice. Dad would deliver ice to folks who lived out of town and had no electricity. While in Texas, Dad had a car dealership, auto salvage yard, and the last endeavor was a roller skating rink in Cedar Hill, Texas.
In 1960 Mom and Dad came to California in a Cadillac towing a 4x8 box trailer with everything we owned in it. Dad went to work in Oroville selling mobilehomes to the families working on the construction of the Oroville Dam. We found a house in Paradise, CA that my mom liked. Being from North Texas we were really taken with the trees and Paradise was a lot quieter than Oroville back then ...more